Traffic flow problems


As a consequence of a road incident, it could be that particular highway sections or tunnels are blocked against expectations. In such a case, traffic flow problems arise as traffic accumulates with congestion as the result. Road users should be directed elsewhere as quickly as possible to avoid massive traffic jams. Standard highway crash barriers do not offer an evacuation facility to avoid these traffic flow problems.


The emergency gate CADO provides a redirecting traffic flow road solution. Via the calamity passage that can be set up, vehicles are given the opportunity to escape the blocked area through the median and get quick access to the other traffic lane. By rerouting this flow of vehicles, traffic will be released and traffic congestion will be reduced.

Road works and accidents on motorways require motorway management authorities to have an effective and efficient plan of approach. If highway traffic lanes or tunnel tubes need to be sealed off, the safety of road users, traffic directors and emergency services must be guaranteed. SPIE provides innovative traffic management solutions that provide added safety for road users and maintenance staff, and help ensure the consistency of traffic flows in a swift way.