Traffic problems for rescue teams


With human safety as main concern, it is essential for rescue teams, police/ambulance/fire brigade, to have quick access to any part of the highway or tunnel. It is hard to completely prevent traffic accidents from occurring, but we can make a difference in saving lives of the victims. We can’t afford the death of people as a result of emergency services such as ambulance or fire brigades being stuck in traffic.


Therefore, the emergency barrier CADO is designed in a way that it can provide an opening in the median barrier so that vehicles can immediately transfer from one road lane to the contra road lane. The motorway emergency barrier gate makes it possible for rescue teams to arrive at the spot of the incident quickly, even if road sections are off or tunnels are blocked.

Road works and accidents on motorways require motorway management authorities to have an effective and efficient plan of approach. If highway traffic lanes or tunnel tubes need to be sealed off, the safety of road users, traffic directors and emergency services must be guaranteed.

SPIE provides innovative traffic management solutions, CADO and VEVA, that provide added safety for road users and maintenance staff, and help ensure the consistency of traffic flows in a swift way.