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Denmark also obtains for the intelligent movable barrier systems VEVA and CADO

Vejdirektorat, the Danish Road Authority, through Eltel Networks A/S awarded Smart city – Traffic & Transport for the delivery and installation of two automatic movable barrier systems VEVA and two automatic opened emergency gates CADO. All to be implemented in the new ring road near te town of Silkeborg between Funder and Hårup.

In several stages this road is constructed below ground level due to landscape and environmental reasons. Also the appearance of several tunnels and bridges, which makes the road management more complex, is ideal for implementing ITS like VEVA and CADO.

We especially highlighted the aspects of safety, operating time and reliability by choosing these Intelligent Transport Systems Vejdirektorat explained. The first design was based on so called hand-over manual systems but due to a bad reputation in reliability, a significant slower operating time and negative response from the emergency services, we changed the design into full automatic crash test proved systems.

Thanks to the outstanding reputation and experience of the Dutch company Jansen Venneboer, also confirmed by our Nordic neighbors, we did not waste valuable time in this project for missing the project deadline.

Delivery is scheduled in early July this year. Road opening expected in September.

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